HeartFire Circle

A Healing Program for Women

We are being offered a sacred pause. A time to turn inward and reflect. A time for self-examination, encounter and healing. A time free from the numbing masks, tasks and expectations of everyday life and the distractions of ordinary busyness. Will you take it? Will you grab hold of this moment and meet yourself in this space? Will you seize all that this divine time has to offer you? Or will you let it pass you by?

It takes courage to look inside and to feel what's been tucked away, to reconnect with your grief, your needs, your dreams, your self. But, even more valuable than cleaning out your closet or garage, is the time you will spend rummaging through your heart, discarding what's no longer needed, joyfully reconnecting with your treasures, and organizing and aligning with your purpose.

Commit to emerging from this chysallis with wings to fly higher than ever before. 

This time is a gift for those who are ready to receive it. 

If this calls to your spirit or soul, please join me, Dr. Leslie, as we embark on our next HeartFire Circle journey starting April 7th. The program is five months long and meets weekly online and includes a self-exploration workbook, guided exercises, weekly lessons, and time for reflection and sharing.

Click the link above to register or email me below to learn more. 

With Love,

Dr. Leslie Cary, Ph.D., LMFT

HeartFire Academy



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HeartFire Circle

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